The Incredible Balloon Machine – like nothing you have seen before!

The Incredible Balloon Machine from Crazy Tooth Studio is unlike anything we have ever seen before, and we love it!

This new “slot” (which is not really a slot at all) is distributed by Microgaming and started appearing on  online casinos, including PlayOJO, just yesterday. Login or create a new account with PlayOJO and get ready for something completely different!

The Incredible Balloon Machine

The Incredible Balloon Machine – how it works

The Incredible Balloon Machine is described as a “slot” in the material we have seen, but it is unlike any slot we have ever seen before.

There are no reels, no rows, no symbols, no wilds, no scatters. This game also requires the player to take an active part – even on “auto spin” mode. There is still a high degree of randomness, but players must make constant decisions and can even try a bit of strategy. In some ways it is more like a video table game or a live casino game than a slot.

PlayOJOThe game itself is very simple. Players inflate balloons one by one (each attempt to inflate a balloon is like a “spin” on a normal slot). Some balloons pop almost immediately – this game’s version of a dead spin.

If a balloon successfully inflates to a decent size (signified when an arrow on a dial moves from the red zone, through the yellow zone, to the green zone) the growing balloon displays a steadily climbing money amount. The more the balloon inflates, the more the money amount grows. The trick is the balloon can pop any time! If it does pop the player wins nothing. To claim a win, a player needs to stop inflating and release the balloon before it pops.

This creates a serious sense of excitement every time a balloon reaches a decent size. Is it about to pop? Should you wait a few seconds longer to get a bigger win? Did you stop inflating too early?

To make things more exciting, the money amount climbs at a different rate with each balloon. Some balloons can get up to a £10 win in a couple seconds. Should you hold out for a big win, or claim the decent size win while you have it? Did you give up too soon? Crikey!

This is a truly fun, truly exciting game, but we have actually not mentioned the most exciting part yet.

Up to 10x multipliers!

On random “spins,” the blue sky background quickly transitions to night and rows of light bulbs appear on the left and right of the screen. This is a multiplier balloon, and the excitement ramps up very quickly at this point.

Each light bulb is labelled with a multiplier, which ranges from 2x to 10x. Players find out which multiplier they will get only after successfully completing a balloon. This means any multiplier balloon is a potential 10x balloon. As a player, you REALLY DO NOT WANT MULTIPLIER BALLOONS TO POP!! But, as always with the Incredible Balloon Machine, it is impossible to know if it is better to wait just a second longer for a bigger payout – until it is too late.

Once a balloon has been successfully filled without popping the light bulbs flash off and on until only one is lit up – and that one is your multiplier.

The Incredible Balloon Machine

The bonus game

Players get a chance to trigger the bonus game on random “spins” when a sparkly gold balloon fills their screen. To win the bonus game, players need to inflate this special balloon to a line shown on the screen. Balloons often strain and pop before reaching this line – we were unable to find any way to influence this. If a Balloon does expand out to the line, the bonus game begins.

Like the base game, the bonus game requires players to take an active part. The results are much more random, though, and there is no real opportunity for strategy.

Each round of the bonus game presents the player with five balloons plus instructions to pick one. After popping this balloon normally reveals a money amount, but there are multipliers as well. In addition to the money, there can also be instructions to “advance” or “complete.” If the word “advance” appears the player goes to the next round and gets five more balloons. If “complete” appears the bonus game is finished and the winnings are totalled up. If a popped balloon has neither word inside it they player keeps choosing until they select one that does.

There are no “complete” choices hidden in the balloons in the early rounds, but as the rounds progress they become increasingly common. The money amounts also appear to go up with each round, and multipliers become more common as well.

The Incredible Balloon Machine

Why we love The Incredible Balloon Machine

This is a REALLY creatively designed game. The big brains at Crazy Tooth Studio must have started off with a big blank sheet of paper and a strong desire to create something truly innovative.

We always applaud interesting game designs at Casinos We Love, but this game is much more than just an innovation. It is also HUGE FUN!

The visual design and animations are also stunning. The Incredible Balloon Machine is a quality game, hands down.

There is some chance that players used to the familiar slot format might be put off trying out this game. Even after reading the tutorial, it certainly took us a few “spins” before we were at all confident we understood what was happening. This is not because of some fault with the game, but simply because, as a slots player, it is hard to orient yourself to a game with no reels, rows, or symbols.

Hopefully the Incredible Balloon Machine will be the massive success it deserves to be, and this will be the first in a string mega hits for Crazy Tooth Studio.


Where can you play the Incredible Balloon Machine?

The Incredible Balloon Machine was released yesterday (28 January), but during a quick survey of online casinos yesterday evening we found it only at PlayOJO. As it is being distributed by Microgaming, the game will eventually be everywhere, but as we are big PlayOJO fans it is a good place to give it a go.

After signing up for an account and making a qualifying first deposit of £10 or more, new PlayOJO players get 50 free spins with no wagering requirement on Book of Dead. Sure, Book of Dead free spins might seem a bit tame after the Balloon Machine, but it is still a solid fave.

One reason PlayOJO is such a great online casino is its commitment to no wagering requirements ever. And, players can earn cashback with every wager. For more information see our PlayOJO casino review, plus our player guide to casino cashback offers.

First deposit only. 50 Free Spins on the Book of Dead slot. Min deposit £10. Excl. new players in N.I. Each Free Spin valued at 10p. OJO’s Rewards and Game Play policy applies.

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