Spinsane – new “wolf-themed” slot from NetEnt

If you’re reading our website there’s a very strong chance you love video slots, but do you also love wolves? Leading game designer NetEnt think you might. Their newest slot, Spinsane, is as wolfy as you can imaging a slot could get.

Quirky? Yes, but it is a NetEnt game so it is of course excellent and will undoubtedly be very popular.

Spinsane: the specs

Spinsane - new "wolf-themed" slot from NetEntSpinsane is a 5-reel, 3-row, 27-line video slot that draws on classic stepper mechanics. On a winning bet line, super symbols can substitute for the same type of regular symbols to give players the highest possible combination.

There are in-game free spins of course, with one Overlay Wild Reel for each spin. Players can earn additional free spins with scatter symbols while playing their free spins.

Spinsane: the look and feel (and odd branding)

Spinsane posterLike all NetEnt releases, this slot benefits from quality design.

The graphics are top-notch and the animations are smooth.

And, the wolf-theme is everywhere! Why a wolf-theme? According to the NetEnt company website this is, “Because wolves are smooth as hell, just like this slot.”

Whether you agree or disagree, the wolf-theme does not explain the odd choice of name. Presumably “Spinsane” is a portmanteau of “spin” and “insane.” Where is the wolf in this?

The answer comes from ancient superstitions that associate wolves with the moon (which they howl at) and mental illness. This is where the legend of werewolves come from, and also the source of the word “lunatic” (which comes from the Latin word for moon, “luna”).

Wolves are great and noble creatures. Whether further associating them with insanity or medieval legends is helpful is another matter. NetEnt apparently think this is good marketing.

Where can you play it?

Putting aside the dubious branding, Spinsane is a NetEnt slot and lots of dedicated players will want to try it out.

You can find it now at our friends LeoVegas. Before long you will certainly find it at most online casinos, as everyone wants to have the latest NetEnt slots on offer!

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