Seven7s – a slot which must be seen to be believed!

Imagine a slot which broke every rule for slot design, and as a result was a highly enjoyable, mind-blowing slot. Such a slot does exist – Seven7s from Crazy Tooth Studio and Microgaming!


Seven7s – brace yourself!

Seven7s is so different from anything that has come before we think it is best just to list all the differences in one go:

  • There is only one row.
  • At the start of the game there is only one reel.
  • At the start of the game there are only two symbols – a 7 and a BAR. Landing a 7 keeps the spin alive, landing a BAR ends the spin.
  • Every time a 7 lands, the spin continues and an extra reel is added. This continues until there are a maximum of 7 reels (hence the name “Seven7s”).
  • A minimum of two 7s are needed for a win (2x) and maxing out at an impressive 25,000x for getting all seven 7s (a handy chart appears with the second reel).
  • As the game reels expand, multiplier symbols do appear and can increase the win from a spin (but not being a 7, a multiplier also ends any spin).
  • There is no bonus game. Every time a spin ends, the game resets to one reel.

Just take a moment to reflect on how crazy this concept is. Just last week we reviewed a single row slot, Master Joker from Pragmatic Play, and that seemed revolutionary at the time. Crazy Tooth Studio have removed most of the things that we thought define a slot, and yet Seven7s is very much a slot, and a hugely fun one a that.

The game is so simple there is not much more to explain. A few minutes watching our test play video will tell you most of what you need to know. But we do think the look and feel of this slot deserves special attention, so keep reading!


Seven7s – feel the quality!

Other than the thrill of watching a spin keep going, and a big win on the horizon, the most enjoyable thing about Seven7s has to be the graphics and animation.

The designers at Crazy Tooth Studio have gone in for a lightly-applied seafaring theme, hearkening back to the ancient belief that there were “seven seas” in the world. The playing area on the screen constantly rocks to and fro, as if the game was a ship at sea.

The real magic happens when the first 7 lands, and the reel moves to make room for a second reel to grow out of its side. The motion is seamless, and gives the impression that Seven7s is almost alive! It is so well done, it is almost creepy. Again, watch our test video to see for yourself – you will love it!


Crazy Tooth Stuio – actually crazy?!

This is the second radically different slot from Crazy Tooth Studio we have reviewed recently. The first, The Incredible Balloon Machine, was so radical it was really not a slot at all.

We were lucky enough to speak to one of the geniuses behind these creative new designs at Crazy Tooth Stuio, and we are pretty sure they are not in fact crazy (it is just a name). But they have been making games mostly for land-based casino slots in their Nevada headquarters since 2011, and have MANY more interesting games coming online later this year.

If you want to learn more about Crazy Tooth, we recommend watching their latest YouTube video.


Where can you play Seven7s?

If you are still reading this far in the review, what are you waiting for?! Go over to a casino now and give this game a try.

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