Release the Kraken – a slot rising up from the depths of the sea!

Pragmatic Play have released a monster of a new slot – Release the Kraken!

Thanks to the slick game design, creative mechanics, and flawless animation, we think it will be a hit with players.

Release the Kraken

Release the Kraken – what you need to know

Release the Kraken is a five reel, four row slot rated 4 out of 5 for volatility.

Low symbols are card values (J, Q, K, and A). Medium symbols are cartoonish fish and sea creatures (a blue fish, a green fish, a turtle, and a shark). There is also a high symbol with the words “Release the Kraken” written on it.

The Wild is nice and simple. It features a large bubble and helpfully has the word “WILD” written in big letters on it.

Scatter Symbols are more complicated. There are THREE different types, and these only appear on Reels 1, 3, or 5. Here are the three types explained:

  1. BONUS – This Scatter only appears on Reels 1 and 3. To trigger a bonus game a player needs to land both of these Scatters on a single spin.
  2. CHEST BONUS – This Scatter only appears on Reel 5, and triggers one of the two bonus games only the BONUS Scatters have also landed on Reels 1 and 3.
  3. FREE SPINS – This Scatter also only appears on Reel 5, and also only comes into play if BONUS Scatters have landed on Reels 1 and 3.

This unique Scatter setup creates some real uncertainly when it comes to the bonus game (and by that we mean the fun sort of uncertainty). The only way to trigger a bonus game is to land BONUS Scatters on Reels 1 and 3. If this happens, Reel 5 lights up, the screen enlarges, and the music ramps up. If a third Scatter lands there is no way to know in advance which of the two bonus games might be triggered.

Release the Kraken

Bonus Game 1 – Pick A Chest

The simplest of the two bonus games is Pick A Chest, or the Chest Bonus. The gigantic purple Kraken of the game’s title sits on the ocean floor surrounded by three treasure chests. Players select chests to open, one by one. Inside is either a money amount, or the word “COLLECT.” The game continues as long as a player keeps winning money. Pick COLLECT and the bonus game ends.

Release the Kraken

Bonus Game 2 – Free Spins

This is a classic free spins bonus game, and an extremely good one. The fun starts with a similar scene to Pick A Chest, except there is no Kraken and the chests contain free spins instead of money.

When the Free Spins start there is a new Roaming Kraken Wild symbol. Each time this appears the multiplier for future wins goes up. The Roaming Kraken Wild also remains on the board for future spins (but flies around landing in a different random position each time).

Multiple Roaming Kraken Wilds means a higher multiplier and more wilds with each spin, which can really ramp up the winning amounts.

The result is a Free Spins game which is familiar enough to understand, but with enough new features to be really fun to play.

Release the Kraken

Why we love Release the Kraken

This is a very well designed slot that is sure to appeal both to Pragmatic Play’s large base of fans, and slots lovers in general. We really enjoyed our test play, which is available to see on our YouTube channel.

Having two different bonus games adds an extra dimension to the game, and gives players more to experience.

The theme and visual design of this game are also excellent!

In style it reminds us of another favourite of ours from Pragmatic, Honey, Honey, Honey, but the purple Kraken is one of our favourite slot characters ever. He is cartoony, but at the same time pretty terrifying. The Free Spins background animation showing a Kraken destroying a ship is a real highlight!


Where can you play Release the Kraken?

Even though Release the Kraken was only released yesterday, it is already available and ready to play at an online casino.

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