Interview with Clint Andersson, Quickspin game producer

Since launching eight years ago, Quickspin has produced some of the most innovative and visually arresting slots in the industry. The creative mechanics and stunning graphics found in games like Sticky Bandits and Wild Chase have won the company a dedicated following among players.

November’s highly anticipated Golden Glyph slot may be Quickspin’s most innovative new slot yet. We were recently lucky enough to catch up with Clint Anderson, Golden Glyph’s producer, and he was kind enough to answer some questions for us.

Quickspin Golden Glyph

Casinos We Love: Hi Clint, thanks for speaking to us. We hear Golden Glyph is your first ever slot as producer. Is this true? It is such a unique, creative slot we have to ask, how did you get into slot design?

Clint Anderson: No problem. Yes, Golden Glyph is my first slot to produce, but I’ve been involved in different types of games, from kids games to blockbuster video games, for several years. I’ve worked in all areas of production, including music, graphics, and the deep-down software that makes games function. Video slots, which I find really entertaining, are just the latest type of game for me to work on.

CWL: That’s quite a resumé! What attracted you to work on slot design in particular then?

CA: They’ve always intrigued me, but I decided I wanted to produce them (and work for Quickspin in particular), when I played Big Bad Wolf for the first time.

CWL: What was it about that game in particular that made such an impression?

CA: The first time I played Big Bad Wolf I could really feel the excitement building up. The progression from the different stages into the bonus game creates a real sense of anticipation that the pigs are about to turn wild and there will be a really nice multiplier coming. The way that Big Bad Wolf tightly combines the excitement of winning with a well told story progression had simply never been done before.

CWL: So you were inspired to work for Quickspin, and soon your first game will be released. What has the experience been like?

CA: It’s been amazing! From day one in my new role, everyone at Quickspin has given me their full support. This creative machinery has produced something truly unique. It’s been a very cool, very joyful experience and I’m really proud of the outcome!

Quickspin Golden Glyph

CWL: Golden Glyph certainly seems like a truly unique slot. The “tumble mechanics” are cutting edge and everything from the flying golden scarabs to the eye of Horus really hooks your imagination. How did you and your team come up with the ideas for the game? Did you start with particular mechanics in mind that you wanted to try, or were you led by the Egyptian theme?

CA: We wanted to create a game with completely new mechanics. We got some inspiration by looking at classic arcade puzzles and came up with a key mechanic for activating power-ups suitable for slot games. They key mechanics and the power-ups in the game complement the Egyptian theme very well. After the mechanics and theme were set, everything kind of naturally fell into place.

CWL: That sounds like a really fun process to be part of! Do you ever worry that the experimentation and innovation can go too far, though? How do you ensure that you don’t create a game that is so innovative and different that players can’t relate to it?

CA: Quickspin is full of experienced slots players, and one of our goals is to only create slots we’d love to play ourselves. It’s very important to balance the innovation with simplicity. We want our players will to understand the mechanics to get the most out of their experience. Of course, from time to time you sometimes realize that an idea does not feel right and an innovation has gone too far, but we make sure to catch such problems during the early concept phase.

CWL: You mentioned different “phases” in production. For you personally, which is your favourite?

CA: I love the moment when an idea suddenly becomes a reality. This happens when everyone on the team, developers, art, FX and our sound designer, takes the part of the game they’ve been working on and puts them all together. All of a sudden you realize you have built an amazing game!

I’m lucky to work with some true professionals who always excel in their field. During the process there will always be moments of doubt, but the hard work will eventually pay off in the end. It’s the best feeling to be able to say, “I told you we could do it!”

CWL: So would you say that slot design is a “team sport?”

CA: Yes and no. Teamwork is absolutely essential of course. But the creative process often requires time alone. My creativity is sometimes especially vivid during the night and I regularly stay up late writing software in the dark. For an idea I’ve had during the day to really evolve, I like time alone with it to experiment.

CWL: Wow! So it sounds like writing software alone into the night is a great way to think up new ideas and innovations. Speaking of which, a game like Golden Glyph is almost unrecognizable if you compare it to the slots being produced a decade ago. Do you think the slots ten years from now will have changed just as much?

CA: Oh yes, certainly! The competition among slot designers is really fierce. As long as the industry stays relevant and healthy, I think innovation will continue at the same rate. It’s crucial to balance what players want, and what your competition is doing. In the near future there will definitely going to be some cool stuff going on with 3-Dimensional mechanics soon. Online slots are not currently as technically advanced as slots in land-based casinos, but by 2030 I think online slots will have the lead.

CWL: For those of us who play slots instead of designing them, I think we think of Quickspin games as having really lush graphics and innovative mechanics (I’m thinking of recent titles like Wild Chase Tokyo Go and Wild Tome of the Woods especially). As someone on the inside of the company, what do you think is special or unique about Quickspin games?

CA: I think you are spot on, and I’m also especially proud the sound design in our games. I think you can see that we are passionate about what we do and about working together. We always strive to create awesome slots that players will love!

CWL: Golden Glyph is being released on 12 November. Have you already started on your next game?

CA: Yes I have, and it will be released in April 2020. We have shown it internally and I’ve been really humbled by the response we’ve had. I can’t disclose too much just yet, but it will contain something completely new that we have been working on at Quickspin for a while.

CWL: That sounds amazing! What else can you tell us?

CA: That’s all I can say for now. I’ll tell you more closer to the time!

Golden Glyph

Try as we might, we were unable to get any more information out of Clint about his next game, but we are certainly looking forward to hearing more!

Huge thanks to Clint and the Quickspin team for taking part in our interview, and we are REALLY excited about the upcoming general release of Golden Glyph on 12 November.

For more information about upcoming Quickspin releases, be sure to check out our Quickspin game review page, and the Quickspin company website.

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